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Jean - 100 pounds in 6 Months

We all have choices in our lives to make, some are easy, but others require some work and willpower. I made many choices in my life some more or less fruitful, but others, very profitable. The first was to choose my spouse, since 19 years we are the best friends in the world, we put the shoulder to the same wheel every day. Everything we do, we do it together and often for each other. We stopped smoking together: result = positive. So when the question of excess weight came up, we started the IDEAL PROTEIN method together. Luc Godbout has been extraordinarily supportive, he has this facility to make us understand the why of our overweight, and to also make us understand how to lose it and not regain it. We were convinced that we ate well, a lot but well. But Luke has made us understand that often just bad food combinations can change the game. It goes beyond a simple diet. Lack of hydration plays on our weight, lack of sleep is catastrophic, these are aspects of nutrition that we learned with Luc Godbout. With all these good tips, I weighed 328 lbs in May 2015 and in October 2015, 110 lbs less, between us, my blonde and me, 180 lbs, the weight of a person. I also lost all my health problems, such as high pressure, more drugs. I had to undergo knee surgery, no longer needed, with weight loss and some strengthening exercises no more problem, I even do a 5 km brisk walk and now I'm training at the gym, at age 54 I do not will not become Mr. Universe, but I feel so good. And the most wonderful, for several years I had to sleep with respiratory assistance, making sleep apnea, and that's it too! And the lady is very happy. She slept better, no longer having the sound of that machine she had to endure in spite of herself. What I have earned, self esteem, pride in having succeeded and continued, I have added years to my life and life to my years, and I plan to enjoy it.

Thanks to the ideal protein method and the coaching of Luc Godbout and the support of my spouse, my life has taken a tremendous turn. I am equipped to make better health and life choices.Thanks to the Spa Énergie Forme team, and a thousand thanks to Luc Godbout, our super coach!


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