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We know weight loss is not easy, especially with so many different diets and approaches out there. Spa Energie-Form and its partnership with Ideal Protein can help you overcome your struggles and get the self-esteem you deserve.


We achieve that by focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of weight loss while working with you and adjusting to your goals. We start by helping you set your goals, and then we work with you towards achieving them. In the end, we help you maintain them! 

Luc and his team make sure to understand your objectives and set a realistic game plan. In addition, Luc will recommend a daily diet plan that allows you to adapt your weight loss strategy to your day-to-day life. Let's start with the journey!

deal Protein works in three phases. It starts with limiting the intake of carbohydrates which encourages your body to use the fat stored for energy.  By eating Ideal Protein foods, not only does the Protocol help sustain muscle mass and lose weight, but also teaches you to develop smarter eating habits that will help with maintaining your weight after the weight loss.



FOLLOW-UP : 15-30 minutes



Ideal Protein exists so you can achieve the exceptional transformation you are dreaming of. With Ideal Protein, you are bound to a more sustainable and healthier life. 
Ideal Protein acts as a transformational force and provides people whose weight compromises their health with personalized support and an exclusive ketogenic weight loss protocol that reactivates the body in order to burn fat, which allows effective weight loss for lasting well-being. 
By sticking to their protocol and eating their food you are guaranteed to have great results. Spa Energie-Forme is happy to provide you with those products and help you go 
through your weight loss journey with our combined programs. 

Ideal Protein - Capsule # 1 par Dr Tran
Ideal Protein - Capsule # 2 par Dr Tran
Ideal Protein - Capsule # 3 par Dr Tran
Ideal Protein - Capsule # 4 par Dr Tran

Le secret est dans le coaching professionnel !

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