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Welcome to our boutique! Check out our packages and our partners’ products, and find what works best for you!  
Spa Energie-Forme is a proud partner of Ideal Protein and Babor, which offer a variety of products designed to help you with weight loss as well as provide you with expert skincare performance. 
By combining their products with our techniques and services, we are able to create a custom-made program that suits you and your needs and leaves you relaxed, recharged, more confident, and with a smile on your face. 



Ideal Protein exists so you can achieve the exceptional transformation you are dreaming of. With Ideal Protein, you are bound to a more sustainable and healthier life. 
Ideal Protein acts as a transformational force and provides people whose weight compromises their health with personalized support and an exclusive ketogenic weight loss protocol that reactivates the body in order to burn fat, which allows effective weight loss for lasting well-being. 
By sticking to their protocol and eating their food you are guaranteed to have great results. Spa Energie-Forme is happy to provide you with those products and help you go 
through your weight loss journey with our combined programs. 



Being a leading brand of professional cosmetics, Babor is one of the most customer-dedicated brands you will have the pleasure of experiencing.  
With more than 60 years in the field, Babor’s German-made skincare is based on sustainability, green production, and values focused on customer satisfaction. That is 
why they can live up to their slogan: “Ask For More”. 
Spa Energie-Forme uses only Babor skincare and cosmetic during treatments and is 
proud to be a licensed seller for our partner.  


Want to sweep your loved ones off their feet and give them a gift they will remember forever? Give them a gift of relaxation and harmony using a Spa Energie-Forme Gift Card, and secure your status as the best gift-giver ever! 

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