Weight Loss Clinic In Gatineau

Are you tired of dragging extra pounds?

At Spa Énergie-Forme Gatineau we believe that all reasons are good for wanting weight loss and we have a solution for you. As you probably know, many health risks are associated with obesity and being overweight. For example; arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart problems and so on. To only cite a few. Weight loss can help you avoid these problems.

Our weight loss program and based on the Ideal Protein diet approach. This method has been medically designed and was developed in Europe more than 25 years ago. It is based on the principle that, in order to function, the body draws its energy from three sources: carbohydrates (sugars), muscles and
fat. He draws on these reserves in a very precise order; first in carbohydrates, then it goes to muscles and fat. This is where our weight loss method comes into play. The diet passes through four phases and during these phases, the consumption of carbohydrates is limited to encourage the body to use fat reserves and certain amino acids stored in the muscles. By doing this, it allows the body to reduce fat while maintaining a good muscle mass. That being said, how does the Ideal Protein program work?

By following our weight loss method, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of Ideal Protein foods that are high in protein, easy to prepare and available in a variety of textures and flavors.


Now you have to ask yourself concretely what these four phases may look like, so we'll give you a little insight. The first phase is to follow until the total impact of your weight loss. It consists of taking three Ideal Protein sachets throughout your day, vegetables and lettuce at will and a dinner of your choice. So for example, for lunch you could eat a sachet of Ideal Protein oatmeal to eat a bag of Ideal Protein vegetable chili preparation with vegetables and salad, at the dinner a bag of beef Stroganoff Ideal Protein with vegetables and salad and then finally a chocolate-flavored Ideal Protein pudding ready to serve as a snack. The second phase is to be followed for 14 days and consists of two bags Ideal Protein per day, leaving you the choice of your dinner and your dinner. You will also have the right to eat vegetables and lettuce at will during your first phase. In the third phase, you will begin the gradual reintroduction of carbohydrates and good fats to your diet in the morning. An Ideal Completed bag will replace a protein meal once a day. During this phase, you will need to take an Ideal Complete packet, an Ideal Protein packet, dinner and dinner of your choice and you will have the right to eat vegetables and lettuce at will. Finally, the fourth step is to maintain your new weight. It is composed of a double vane with a structured period of stabilization spread over 12 months, so that you can maintain your success of weight loss.

Now that you know a little more about the method, here's what our weight loss clinic can offer you for free: weekly support, accompaniment and nutrition rehabilitation for healthy nutrition, a personalized analysis of your progress with weighing and taking measurements and sound advice to help diversify your recipes and facilitate the integration of the program.

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