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What type of massage do you need?

Choosing from a plethora of massage techniques may seem like a heavenly dilemma. On the other hand, since relaxing or therapeutic massages draw their techniques in several traditional practices, each one offering therapeutic virtues, the technique best adapted to the patient will depend on the needs of this one. The choice must not therefore stop with your preference in terms of lighting or the quality of the pressure, it is also about your health and the physical condition that you have. Spa Énergie Forme specialists are the best specialists in the region and can provide you with many tips to help you get your ideal massage. So, how do you know which massage therapy technique is best for your health concerns? and priorities? Here's how to know your options so you can get the greatest therapeutic benefit from your massage.

Massage relaxation, relaxation, wellness or Swedish or Californian massage - is a relaxing massage aimed at relieving stress - usually chosen as the first massage

The relaxation or relaxation massage is synonymous with overallity and softness, however, even if it involves relaxation, the pressure exerted must be adapted to the patient's expectations. A patient generally chooses this type of massage when he has no problem or specific point to address but instead seeks a global well-being. Thus, relaxing massage is often the most popular form of massage requested as a first massage.The relaxing massage is designed to warm the muscle tissue, to release toxins, tensions and pain. The movements are longer and slower than with many other forms of massage. Combinations of maneuvers applied to the muscle mass or to the joints serve to restore fatigued, atonic or inhibited muscles. His maneuvers include light or deep effleurage and elongations, treading, draining, kneading, rubbing, percussion, vibration, shaking, and joint work. Relaxation or relaxation massage may include loosening of certain tensions without becoming a deep tissue therapeutic massage. Relaxation massage is often referred to as relaxing with certain stress points as a Swedish massage, whereas relaxation massage is based entirely on global relaxation as a Californian massage. More particularly:

The Swedish massage offers a global benefit with however the possibility of relaxing some localized tensions. The maneuvers used vary from strong to light pressures, and the rhythms from slow to fast. It is a massage whose main function is to give a breath of energy to the body and requiring more presence on the part of the patient than during a Californian relaxing massage for example. The relaxing Swedish massage, in addition to its relaxing virtues, relieves muscular pains to relax the whole body to reach a fullness. The Californian massage is much softer, using more comprehensive maneuvers without stopping on specific points providing a generalized well-being. The goal of the therapist is to maintain a constant fluidity without his actions so as not to rush the body and that the patient can let himself go totally or even sleep. The movements are longer, less deep but larger. It's a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety while having the feeling of being modeled, sculpted by the therapist. Ideal for patients who are hypersensitive to touch or pressure.The relaxing massage aims to achieve overall relaxation in softness but also to maximize the body's capacity for action, to improve blood circulation as it promotes the return of blood to the body. heart and improve lymphatic circulation, nutrition and cellular elimination. Relaxation massage stimulates the self-regulating functions of the person by appealing to his self healing power. This form of massage is typically very relaxing and is an ideal technique for those who have never received a massage before or those whose self-repairing system requires reactivation.

Here at Spa Énergie Forme, Relaxation massage is offered for 60, 90 or 120 minutes. It can also be combined with any of our packages such as Sensory, Luxury or of course, Energy-Shape! We have a team that holds the greatest experience and know-how of our region, then take your appointment today for relaxation and regeneration.

Therapeutic massage, medical or deep tissue massage

Therapeutic massage can bear different names such as medical massage, sports massage or deep tissue massage. This type of massage differs from relaxation or relaxation massage with its goal of relieving and treating diseases that can affect the body. The massage is no longer global but localized. Here we do not try to relax the mind and all muscles in general but to reduce local muscle or joint pain. The therapeutic massage also makes it possible, among other things, to strengthen the muscle tone and the joints (tendons and ligaments), to optimize the micro-circulation of blood, to regulate the lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems, to improve the renal and cardiac function, to to treat respiratory disorders, to balance the metabolism of the body and to eliminate the toxins causing stress and nervousness.The deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage technique focused on the realignment of muscle layers and fascia, which consists in untying the rigid and painful muscle tissues that are formed as a result of an injury or the accumulation of tension, particularly in the often contracted areas such as shoulders, lower back and neck. The gestures are executed with great slowness and depth. They are mostly concentrated on the muscles and fascia (deep connective tissue) of contracted areas.

By exerting a so-called "roll" effect, we untie these muscles, which can move normally again. The therapist will work the full length of the muscle fibers using the hands, elbow, forearm and thumbs. Unlike relaxing massage which also requires a deep pressure crushing the muscle, the deep tissue massage is not to slip on the tissues, but rather to stretch them to undo the adhesions between the muscle layers. Specific gestures aim at working the muscle in its three dimensions, which allows it to relax more easily. Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and Sport Massage also aims to release trigger points. "Trigger Points" are pain points, knots, which are in the muscles. They cause pain during movement or even at rest. The pain is often felt far away from the Trigger Point. When you press on one of these painful points one often manages to provoke the irradiation or the exact pain felt by the person. Most people have trigger points. Because of the many occupations that force sitting eight hours a day, poor posture, inactivity and monotonous and repeated gestures, muscle imbalances are becoming more commonplace. This state of muscle imbalance is an ideal environment for the formation and activation of trigger points. Without treatment, a person who suffers from "Trigger Points" may have more and more. One point may cause others to be next to, or away from the point of origin. The trigger points do not go away as they came. It takes specific treatment to overcome it. It is good to know that taking medication only relieves pain. Once the prescription is over, the pain produced by the trigger points will come back. The best of the methods is still deep tissue massage.

Sports massage

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Sports massage is not a massage technique in itself, but an "approach" that involves the application of different massage techniques that aim to improve performance and recovery, reduce the risk of injury to promote healing and promote a state of well-being. This type of massage is aimed at both high-level athletes and non-professionals (casual or regular). In general, the treatment and monitoring of an athlete through sports massage can alternate between therapeutic massage maneuvers deep tissues, Swedish massage and physiotherapy such as relaxing trigger points and myofacial, intramuscular massage, passive mobilizations and stretching.

Here are some of the reasons why sports people consult

Massage therapy

Increase muscle flexibility and elasticity

strengthen muscles

Remove muscle tension

Remove "knot" pain and repetitive movements

Get or regain range of motion

Astract Fascia

Stretch fatigue

Reduce stress and improve performance

Reduce pain or inflammation by wounds

As a specialist in the musculoskeletal system, the massage therapist intervenes before, during or after the effort or competition. In this approach, which may be more vigorous, the therapist's forearms, fists, elbows are his main working tools, while the hands and thumbs accompany the movements. Passive mobilizations and stretching are also an integral part of the massage, as are home reinforcement and stretching exercises. With a great know-how, the Spa Énergie Forme stands out particularly in the field of therapeutic therapeutic massages.

Massage with basalt stones or hot stones

Although the virtues of hot stones have been exploited by many civilizations throughout history, it is to the Indians that we owe the technique of hot stone massage. Discover this ancestral technique based on basalt pebbles, stones that are collected at the foot of volcanoes, then polished before being heated and put in contact with the skin. The hot stone massage aims to improve circulation, soothe the nervous system and detoxify. This amazing massage is appreciated for its many health benefits.The basalt stones are heated at a constant temperature (usually between 50 and 60 ° C), then coated with massage oil or essential oils, according to professionals, before to be placed on the body of the patient. The back, the shoulders and the nape of the neck are the zones most indicated for a maximum of efficiency. The therapist then slides the stones along the body, alternating friction and simple touch, while modulating its rhythm, according to the needs of the patient and the symptoms he wants to treat. Essential oils are used and chosen according to their virtues (anti-inflammatory, relaxing, purifying, energizing), which penetrate quickly into the skin thanks to the heat of stones. Like all massages, this massage relieves muscle pain and unwinds the tensions. What it offers more is the heat that emanates from the stones, because it improves the blood circulation and reduces the pains related to arthritis and osteoporosis.

Massage for pregnant or prenatal women

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Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a relaxing massage that has multiple beneficial effects on the pregnant woman, which presents or no pregnancy discomfort. The overall relaxation provided by the massage promotes sleep and recovery, thus removing fatigue that can be felt, especially in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. In addition to this energy boost, the pregnant woman can feel a relief from her stress and anxiety, which helps her to approach her pregnancy and childbirth with more serenity.If you are pregnant, it is very important to work with a therapist who is trained in prenatal massage. You have to find the best therapists in your area. Prenatal massage training includes instruction in the specific modifications used to help protect the baby, to relieve symptoms such as edema (swelling) and low back pain that are common during pregnancy, and to make the mom more comfortable during and after the massage.By cons, massages are not recommended for pregnant women with a history of miscarriage, pregnancy at risk, diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, etc ...

Our Approach

Our therapeutic approach is designed to match you with the massage therapist and the specific technique that best suits your unique health and wellness situation. To this end, we use a proprietary numbering system that tells us the level of work of a therapist and helps us recommend the appropriate therapist.We specialize in customizing each massage session tailored to the specific needs of each client . Therefore, we often incorporate techniques and maneuvers of several types of massage to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment.Please note that certain conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, or diabetes are not not appropriate for some massage techniques. Please consult your doctor before beginning any massage therapy program.

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