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Massothérapie gatineau

Massage therapy

Our massage therapy treatments are offered by experienced massage therapists who are specialized in sports massage and orthotherapy. Our clinic in Gatineau offers relaxing massages and therapeutic spa treatments.

Massage therapy
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Our beauty care services include pedicures, facial care from basic care to high-end specialty treatments and Microdermabrasion treatments. Trust the Spa Énergie-Forme team for your beauty treatments.

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Body care

We offer a variety of body exfoliations as well as body wraps. We offer infratherapy sessions. Visit us at the Gatineau Spa Énergy-Forme location!

Body care
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Weight Loss

Our weight loss coaches offer you a personalized follow-up. We work with the Ideal Protein product line. Visit us at Spa Énergie-Forme for a professional consultation.

Weight Loss
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In his clinical practice, the osteopath uses precise manual adjustment techniques to restore optimal mobility to bones, muscles, fasciae, nerves and organs. This mobility restores the balance of the body and relieves the symptoms of the patient. Preventive as well as curative, it serves all age groups.

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Welcome to Spa Énergie-Forme!

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For 20 years, Luc Godbout, owner of the Spa Énergie-Forme and passionate about his massage therapist profession, has been able to evolve his company in order to diversify his services to his clients. Linking body care to weight loss support service, its sole purpose is to make people feel good about themselves. Spa Énergie-Forme offers two sectors of activity: Spa, massage and body care as well as the weight loss Center for you. Restore the look and youthful health. Give yourself a chance and we will be the change in your life.

Luc Godbout, Spa Owner

"Every form of our body is in great need of energy and healing, and my goal is to offer you as many services as possible to treat ailments, solve problems or simply recharge your batteries."

The body draws its energy from three sources:

carbohydrates, muscles and fat.

He draws on these reserves in a very precise order. During the phases of the weight loss method, the consumption of carbohydrates is limited in order to induce the body to use its fat reserves. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is not a high protein diet it simply offers a variety of high quality protein foods that are easily assimilated.

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  • Available exclusively at Spa Énergie-Forme Gatineau and the other independents, authorized and trained by Idéal Protein.

  • Weekly support and continuing education sessions offered by specialized counselors.

  • We complete your health check, measure and determine with you your goal.

  • A weekly and personalized analysis of your progress, by taking measurements and weight.

  • Food support and rehabilitation service for good nutrition accompanied by supplements.

  • We will follow you for a full year to help you maintain your weight.

Weight loss
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